Reb Noson said, Even if the path to Uman were filled with knives, 

I would crawl there, just to be by the Rebbe in Uman... 


Today we take for granted our great Rabbi's and Tzaddikim.

If you go back two hundred years ago,

Chassidim, followers would travel by carriage or even by foot.


Even if you are not successful in seeing the Tzaddik in the end,

the traveling itself to the Tzaddik instills a change inside you. During your

travels, you begin to reflect upon your ways and you start anew.


One of the greatest places to travel is to the Ukraine to the

grave of Rebbe Nachman. He has promised to

anyone who visits his gravesite that he will

do everything he can above to pray for the success of that person.

It is for this reason that not only do Breslov Chassidim go to Uman

but Jews from all walks of life. Litvish, Sefardim & almost all

Chassidish sects.  







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